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Antique Lanterns

Antique lanterns are wonderful pieces of art that light up whatever area you need them to. Antique lanterns can be held on one hand while you walk around, and used to illuminate the immediate area. As such, lanterns are typically used in outdoor settings while cutting up firewood, searching for something in the shed or barn, or other situations in which it's night and you need a light to work by. In older times, antique lanterns were typically kerosene or candle lanterns. Now, you also can have electric antique lanterns.

Electric Antique Lanterns

Electric antique lanterns work in a manner of different ways. There are stationary lanterns that stay in the ground and you would wire them up the same way - with the wiring running under the ground. These lanterns do a lovely job if you are not looking for something you need to move. They are more reserved for decorative pieces then being functional.

Battery Powered Electric Antique Lanterns

If you need something more functional that can walk around with you and provide lamplight, you can use a battery powered lantern. These have the distinct advantage, and also disadvantage of battery power. The advantage to this is you don't need to use a fuel like kerosene or gasoline. This means the lantern is safer and less chance of a fire hazard. How long the battery lasts depends upon what you purchase.

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