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Desk Lamps

Desk lamps usually differ from other lamps because they have to be easier on the eyes. Especially those who use a desk lamp with their computer, you need a lamp that will project low glare onto the monitor. You also do not want a lamp that will give you a headache, strain your eyes, and so on and so forth.

LED desk lamps are a more modern desk lamp today, that have multiple applications. For instance, you could look at one with a USB plug in or USB charger. If a LED lamp is plugged into USB, then you can plug it into a laptop or computer without needing to plug it into a wall socket. This is handy. LED also is a more effective type of light source that should rarely ever require changing a bulb or etc.

Other forms of desk lamps include banker's lamps, gooseneck lamps, swing arm lamps, and others. Banker's lamps are good for writing and also may make a good piano lamp. A swing arm lamp is useful for maneuvering around, when perhaps there is more desk space and you need to move the light to other areas of the desk. Being able to move the lamp around makes a swing arm lamp more maneuverable than other lamps. Also, if you need versatility and to be able to move a lamp around, look for a neck that is flexible or bendable. Many LED lamps now have bendable or flexible necks that can be moved around to suit more ergonomic positions, and also to adjust to the contours of different users.

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