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Antique lamps

Antique lamps encompass a broad variety of styles and designs. There are well known styles - these would be Victorian and stag glass, and other well known names out there like Handel, Aladdin, and Tiffany. The value of an antique lamp can significantly differ based on what style of antique lamp you have. Also, there are many replicas and knock offs out there, so being able to pick apart a real antique from a replica is of paramount importance.

The earliest style of lamp was the oil lamp. This was a simple design that used a wick. Oil lamps were bulk manufactured and mass produced, starting in the 19th century. Oil lamps were used before electricity, or in places where electricity did not yet exist. The oil lamp had a metal base and burner.

Historically, between 1840 and 1990, oil lamps and candelabras were still used but electric lamps started to make a debut. The Aladdin lamp came along in 1908, which was the brightest oil lamp to be found.

Antique lamps are generally lamps of an older era. As such, they can be somewhat rare and more expensive at times. But if you are an antique lover then you probably don't mind spending that extra buck.

Antique hunting is an interesting hobby, or career, that is just now beginning to surface. The Antique Roadshow is a good example of this - people who have been either hoarding valuable pieces of art for generations, or go out to garage sales and the like in search of rare antiques. Either way, people seem to make pretty good money at it, so it definitely is not a bad hobby.

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